SEG Systems suits up to celebrate national superhero day


JILL D’ALESSANDRO   |   April 26, 2021

Did you know that there is a whole day dedicated to Superheroes?  The word itself goes back to the early 1900s, and the prototypical superhero Superman debuted in 1938.  He possessed extraordinary superhuman powers, but perhaps the most inspiring of all of his qualities was that he was selfless.  He was not human, but he had a love for humanity and did everything possible to protect it.  Since that time, stories of superheroes have reigned in comic books, television, and the big screen.

What is it that makes us all want to be a superhero?  Is it their abilities or is it something deeper?

I asked some typical superhero questions to my co-workers at SEG Systems, and for a company that is as youthful as they are sarcastic, I was pleasantly surprised with what they had to say.  I was also astounded to get 100% participation on a questionnaire that had a very tight turnaround time. I started to wonder why, why did this questionnaire resonate with everyone and get an immediate response? Wasn’t it just a silly fairy tale questionnaire? And then it hit me.  I was asking them to dream a little and remember a time when they experienced their own superhero in their life.

Who is your superhero? why?

My Grandmother - her unconditional love and strength she provides our family.

Kristi Kepley - Accounting

Who is your superhero? why?

My Dad. The sacrifices he made and continues to make for his family are unmatched. My brothers and I are adults now, but he still finds ways to support us, help us grow, and be the best role model.

Alek Vann - Project Management

Who is your superhero? why?

Hands down the NICU Nurses and Doctors at Levine Children's Hospital who saved my daughters life, twice.

Mike LaPierre - Inside Sales

What was fascinating to see when I looked at all of their answers, regardless of all of the different heroes and superpowers they selected, the question, What makes someone a superhero?” was amazingly consistent and more importantly something within our reach.   The ability to influence future generations for the greater good, to protect and help those that are weaker, inspire, do more than expected, put the needs of others before your own, going above and beyond, having a positive impact in someone’s life, service, and never giving up. In reading all of these superhero qualities, I think it is clear, humankind doesn’t require superhuman abilities to be super.  We require humans to see humankind as something greater than oneself.

So, who is your superhero?  Well, if you are like my co-workers at SEG Systems, your response would be someone real in your life with no special power other than their ability to love unconditionally, to give selflessly, and to act with their heart.

So perhaps, no matter what age we are, we need to be reminded that superheroes come in all shapes and sizes and it isn’t the “power” they possess that we most desire but what those abilities can do for the greater good of others and how they make you feel. It is no wonder that there is a whole day, April 28th dedicated to Superheroes.

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Jill D'Alessandro

Vice President, Marketing


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