Benefits of SEG Fabric

Seamless art that attracts the customers your company relies on. SEG Systems’ frames require minimal wall prep compared to vinyl or paint, plus easy installation that can be done at an associate level. cost-saving because we work with lightweight aluminum frames that are environmentally stable – eliminating any chances of warping, bending, or peeling. SEG frames are economic for both long-term and short-term displays. Compact shipping helps keep costs down and reduce damage during transit. No glare so that you get the best-looking display that is reusable by easily swapping out new fabric prints whenever you want.

Frame Extrusions

SEG Systems has over 88 proprietary extrusions and that number continues to grow. Why? Because we know our clients have specific needs that require multiple solution-based products. We factor in profile depth, media type, lighting, and mounting methods, to give you the best frame solution. Find the frame for you.

Need a custom fixture? Our Product Development team can create a custom extrusion to fit your needs in no time! Check out our Spec Sheets or reach out to our team to find the perfect extrusion for your project.

Standard Frames

Wall Mounted Frame Icon

Wall-Mounted Frames

Wall-mounted frames can be used in a variety of environments: offices, waiting rooms, retail stores, locker rooms – this list is infinite. We offer depths from 0.625″ to 4.75″ which can be lit or non-lit.

Freestanding Frame Icon

Freestanding Frames

Freestanding frames can be used to create barriers, act as dividers, create cubicles, and be a way to display signage. 10 feet tall? 15 feet? 20 feet? We’re not scared of heights here!

Suspended Frame Icon

Suspended Frames

When it comes to creating an environment to immerse your fans in, you’ve got floor space, wall space, but don’t forget to look up. You’ve got prime real estate hanging over your head. Use suspended frames to bring your ceilings to life!

Lighting Technology

SEG Systems stocks 11 different types of lighting so that we can create the most optimized lightbox solution for your brand. Looking for something to make your display pop? SEG also specializes in custom lighting such as programmable LED's, Halo Lighting, and much more!

Check it out for yourself below!

Specialty Frames

Product Corner Icon

Corner Frame

Create a seamless piece that helps you get noticed on all sides with corner frames. By taking graphics from 2D to 3D, you’ll be catching eyes from all directions.

Product Rigid Print Icon

Rigid Print Frame

SEG may be in our name, but we’re not always so loosey-goosey. We also offer extrusions that hold a rigid print inside the frame that slides in with ease.

Product Reverse Load Icon

Reverse-Load Frame

Maximize your space while minimizing your pain. Reverse-load graphics help to get your graphics up close and personal with windows without all the hassle. Double-sided graphics have never been easier.

Product Trigon Icon

Trigon Frame

Using a tension lock at every corner. SEG Systems’ trigon frames are strong enough to create a tabletop, but still light enough to mount to a wall or suspend from a ceiling.

Product Cube Icon

Cube Frame

Use our cube frame as a pedestal to highlight your products or as a suspended frame. When you take your branding to another dimension, there’s no way for customers to miss your graphics. The more sides, the merrier… right?

Custom Millwork

Looking for something a little less… aluminum? SEG Systems has in-house millwork capabilities to suite all of  your custom needs!

Check out what all we have to offer by browsing through our millwork portfolio.


Products Tubular Icon

Tubular Frame

This multi-functional tubular frame can be used to build 2D and 3D signage, arches, or even custom creations such as a giant solo cup. Why do you need a giant solo cup? We don’t ask, we just do.

Products Structures Icon

SEG Structures

When you build a structure with SEG lightboxes, there are millions of options (no, really – we’re not exaggerating): towers, counters, arches, pedestals, oh my!

Products Crowd Control icon

Crowd Control

When it comes to controlling a crowd, guide your guests through custom crowd control barriers. With our innovative technology, you can put graphics in places they have never been before.

Products Merchandiser Icon

Retail Merchandisers

Displaying your merchandise is more than simply setting items on a shelf. With SEG Systems’ merchandisers, you can show off your products like never before by creating an immersive buying experience.

Products Shop In Shop icon


Shop-in-shops serve as a temporary location in a retail store or mall. Grab customers’ attention and enhance their shopping experience with a memorable display! 

Frame Accessories

Need to add a little something extra to your fabric frame of lightbox? Look no further. SEG Systems stocks accessories that will make any frame feel more complete.

Check out our portfolio to see the latest and greatest uses of SEG lightbox accessories or the Spec Sheets to get all the nitty gritty details.