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UL Certified Testing

SEG Systems: UL Certified Manufacturer



Are you in need of a UL certified retail display manufacturer? Well you’re in luck because SEG Systems is the only UL 48 & 970 Certified Manufacturer producing the safest products in the marketplace. We have done all of the required safety research, training, and certifications, so that you can focus on what matters most, your brand!

In-house UL Testing Capabilities

We know safety is important that is why our engineers here at SEG are UL certified. So, it wouldn’t be unusual to see them conducting extensive UL safety product tests. Having in-house capability to test and apply a UL mark to your products sets us apart from our competitors while giving our customers peace of mind.

Fire Testing

Fire tests are used to determine how difficult it is to start a fire and see how quickly the product would burn.

Electrical Testing

Electrical and grounding tests can tell us if the unit is grounded properly and doesn’t present a shock hazard.

Situational Testing

Situational tests such as a sudden impact or climbing are used to ensure there is no tipping or collapsing hazard.

Load Testing

Loading tests are completed to evaluate the ability of the unit to hold the intended load/weight.

Stability Testing

Stability tests are general tests to determine the strength and structural build of the display.

“Understanding the speed of retail, UL has developed this innovative program to meet the tight timeframes of manufacturers with simultaneously leveraging the same rigorous testing and certification standards to which we are committed to ensure the safety of commercial displays. We applaud SEG Systems on their commitment to delivering safe frames and displays to retail.”

Alberto Uggetti

VP & General Manager, UL Environment and Sustainability Division

UL is a global safety science company with more than a century of expertise in innovative safety solutions including certifications, programs, and products. SEG Systems has partnered with the Underwriters Laboratory to become the only manufacturer with both UL 48 and UL 970 certifications. These programs have developed norms and guidelines that have harmonized the design and manufacture of commercial displays, electric signs, and lighting that guarantee to operate safely.

Why should you care about working with a UL Certified Manufacturer?

Why should you care about working with a UL certified manufacturer? It’s simple! Products with a UL certification mark are recognized nationally as the highest seal of approval for safety. Which means you are getting the safest commercially rated frames, displays and fixtures that have already passed inspections. Talk about peace of mind for you and your company.

When a company uses a non-certified commercial display, they are putting their company at risk. What kind of risks? How about the risk of getting a bad reputation, facing lawsuits, and dealing with product recalls. Not to mention the costs associated with delayed openings. This becomes costly for a brand. So, it is essential to secure your company’s future by partnering with us, a manufacturer that can guarantee safety.

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