Lighting Technology

Lighting Technology

There are five key factors when it comes to choosing the best lighting for your display…

Environment | Imagery | Lifespan | Brightness | Budget

First, look at the environment you want to put a lightbox in. For example: in a window where your lighting is competing with the brightest lighting in the universe (we’re talking about the sun, here, people)? Or is it going into a dimly lit room like a museum or movie theater?

Next, we need to look at the color. Is your imagery for your frames mostly white, or is it colorful and vibrant? Will skin tones be the focus? We don’t need to model a Caribbean tan in the Swiss Alps.

How long do you want this lightbox to live for? Each type of lighting has various lifespans. One year? Two? Five? Seven? We’ve got options.

Brightness goes hand-in-hand with your environment and is an important deciding factor. How lit are you trying to get? Will you have multiple lightboxes in the surrounding area? Are you looking to make a homing beacon for humans who walk through your location?

The last, but definitely not least, deciding factor is price. Be sure that your goals are in line with your brand budget. We’ll help guide you through the process and make sure to bring our A-game so that you and your customers (and your boss) are happy with the results.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lighting Standard Perimeter

Standard Perimeter

Lighting Narrow Perimeter

Narrow Perimeter

Lighting AC Lightbar

AC Lightbar in 2 color options

Lighting Optix

Optix in 4 color options

Lighting Mesh

Mesh in 1 color option

Lighting LGP

Light Guided Panel (LGP) in 1 color option

Lighting RGBW

RGBW Mesh in 1 color option

4D Optimax Lighting

4D Optimax in 2 color options

Programmable LED’s

Want to draw attention to your brand in a creative way? Our programmable LED lights are fully customizable to make your brand stand out.

  • Create eye-catching displays with our Programmable LED Technology.
  • Animate your lighting to highlight graphics, logos, and displays.
  • Fully customizable for any shape, design, and color.

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