Cube Frames

Now that you’re all studied up on two of our most unique frames, you’ll understand why our product developer came up with the cube extrusion.

The corner extrusion was created in order to make a seamless look for a four-sided frame, and the trigon extrusion was created for the same purpose, but three-sided. We had one, two, three, and four-sided, why not go for six? Yeah, yeah. We know we skipped five – we were feeling ambitious – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! Ask us about creating a custom extrusion to make any type of 3D shape!

So what’s the difference between this extrusion and a corner extrusion? Two more sides – a top and a bottom. You can use the cube as a pedestal to highlight your products or as a suspended frame. Imagine this: suspending an SEG cube between two stories at a mall, office building, or trade show. When you advertise on all sides, there’s no way for a customer to miss your graphics.

No matter how big or small your suspended frame is, we have the connections to make sure it is structurally sound. Our engineering department will take care of the testing aspect, all you need to do is hang tight while we create your masterpiece! We use steel cables or posts to design the best possible solution for you to blow your customers’ minds.

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