How To Integrate Digital Marketing with Print

We’ve all heard the phrase “opposites attract” – but did you ever consider this when it comes to blending digital and print marketing?

Even though digital marketing seems to have taken over the world, one key component of the original form of marketing remains: print. When coupled with print, digital marketing creates environments that attract customers. Need some inspiration? Keep reading to see how three industry leaders succeeded with adding print to a digital-filled world using SEG’s TV mounts and graphics to create an inviting experience.

Take for example – a digital company that uses the print industry to promote their software at trade shows. Knowing they couldn’t simply walk around showing an app on their phones, went with print to show off the capabilities and services of their world-renowned software through SEG fabric lightboxes. Their booth was decked out in lightbox towers, custom-branded millwork, and even a suspended lightbox to top it all off. They didn’t stray too far away from the focus, though. integrated vertical TVs into their SEG lightboxes in order to create the look of a giant iPhone, allowing visitors to test the software in real time, without the clutter and mess that TVs can bring to trade shows.

T1Visions faces the same problem. How do you market a digital platform without solely relying on digital signage? People aren’t going to stop and look at your TVs just because they’re flashing. They’re going to stop and look at your environment, which will then lead them to looking at your TVs. T1Visions thought of the bigger picture when designing freestanding SEG towers to accompany their multitude of touchscreen displays and digital signage. With these systems, customers aren’t distracted by clutter because the TVs are flush-mounted and 100% integrated into the fabric, creating a seamless piece.

CR Onsrud specializes in high-quality CNC machinery that allows for the automation of manufacturing. If you know what a CNC machine looks like, you know they’re not the most mobile of machines, requiring freight shipping (and expensive shipping) in order to move them. Plus, why hassle with shipping several monstrous-sized machines when you could just print life-sized graphics that only weigh a few pounds? CR Onsrud was able to display several of their machines without having to ship them all by building aluminum frame walls and adding SEG graphics to add more dye-sublimated graphics to the booth. Since not all the machines were able to make it to the event, surrounding the booth was digital signage showcasing the capabilities in order to captivate potential clients. Imagine showing off your big product with a life-sized  fabric graphic!

Remember: just because print isn’t dead doesn’t mean that one should completely ditch digital marketing and jump back on the print bandwagon, but instead recognize that the combination of print and digital is a new relationship, and one that is here to stay. The coupling of print and digital communications provides a truly integrated approach that is mutually beneficial for all involved.

Tapping into the print industry and using SEG fabric to create an experience will elevate the digital marketing you already have. Why not take your brand to the next level?

SEG Systems is ready when you are. At this point, you’ve got options. Which path are you ready to take?


Find your way with SEG wayfinders that have integrated TV monitor displays.


Inform visitors of the latest news and updates, but don’t be boring about it! Add an SEG mural to make an impact. In this case, a lightbox collage!


Demonstrations at a trade show have never been easier. Show off your videos while immersing your visitors in a branded environment,


Create a backdrop for your merchandise and show off your digital signage as well!


Suspended frames, freestanding lightboxes, custom merchandising shelving, and even flush-mounted TVs. Looks like a dream!


Buyers thrive on experiences, especially for big purchases. Make your car-buying customers comfortable with a branded wall and TV displaying their dreams of driving away in a new car.


With this fixture, you’re sure to attract shoppers. Combining TV monitors, SEG fabric, and product shelving has never been easier.


This one’s near and dear to our hearts. SEG clients and staff enjoy a meeting space that brings the outside without losing digital capabilities inside by way of printed graphics and a TV mount.