Jack Porter, a design firm based out of Greenville, South Carolina, creates immersive brand experiences by integrating design, storytelling, and technology to bring beauty and meaning to built environments.

Over the years, Jack Porter and SEG Systems have built a relationship that allows for collaborative projects. With the mutual trust between SEG Systems and Jack Porter, several projects have come to life using Jack Porter’s design and storytelling skills combined with SEG Systems’ technology and manufacturing capabilities.

The latest collaborative project was for the University of Miami. With over 300 players drafted to the NFL since 1960, the school wanted a Hall of Fame experience that gave those players the recognition they deserve.

Jack Porter came to SEG Systems with a design and site survey and asked us to execute their vision: an NFL Awards Corridor. The plan was to include player statistics and names, a 3D lit logo, and an infinity mirror for the illusion of depth in the corridor.

Like aluminum, millwork is one of SEG Systems’ many capabilities. The foundation for this experiential piece was built from wood that would become the landing pad for the SEG fabric frame lightboxes and custom frame and lightbox accessories. The millwork archway was built into an existing alcove in the room so that every square inch was used to fill the space.

As NFL statistics change weekly (except for the off-season of course. What a sad, sad time.), Miami wanted to be able to easily update a number in the corridor to represent statistics such as all-time passing yards, receiving yards, rushing yards, takeaways, and more. To do this, SEG Systems installed digital number counters that connected to the internet so statistics could be updated in a flash. Isn’t technology just great?

To illuminate the names of Miami’s NFL draftees, SEG Systems installed 1.5” aluminum frames along the wall with light guided panels (LGP) to shine through white silicone edge graphics. Glass was then mounted on top of the SEG frames with blockout vinyl that was kiss-cut with each player’s information. The LGP allowed the white lightboxes to shine brightly through the die-cut vinyl to show off a clear and crisp message along every step through the corridor.

We know what you’re thinking… “How will they add more players?” Not to worry – Jack Porter thought of that. Since players are drafted yearly (good-season-willing), several blank strips of black blockout vinyl were used to fill in the remaining spaces for two reasons: one – to make the space look complete, and two – so that those strips could easily be removed and replaced with future NFL players from Miami. Genius, right?

Mounted to the millwork wall was an infinity mirror that was build using a steel shroud with an inset mirror. The mirror was then covered in etched vinyl that boasted the NFL logo. The etched vinyl was added in order to expand the reflection capabilities once the Perimeter LEDs were installed. To make the infinity mirror do what infinity mirrors do, SEG Systems topped the piece off with a ¼” glass panel that had one-way mirrored window film on it. This created an endless number of reflections that made the experience that much better.

Last, but definitely not least, is the iconic Miami logo. Made from two pieces, this 3D lit logo was made a prominent feature by using acrylic, aluminum, pain, and 6000k tape lights. To add brand colors to the logo, SEG Systems made sure to PMS match the paint that coated the fixture.

Miami asked, Jack Porter designed, and together with SEG Systems, they delivered. With partnerships like this one, SEG Systems has expanded our network and enhanced our capabilities. We believe that happy partners are the key to our success and welcome opportunities to add more partners to the family with open arms.