Dye sublimated retail fabric graphics

Dye-Sublimated SEG Retail Prints


SEG graphics are taking over the retail industry by offering a high-end look with an easy installation. These high-resolution, dye-sublimated prints are lined with a thin silicon strip that’s easily inserted into an aluminum frame. These SEG retail prints provide an evergreen solution that can be reused for years- just switch out the prints!

Dye-sublimated prints increase opportunities for brand engagement by providing a solution that can evolve with your branding over time. They have changed the print industry because of:

  1. The brilliant (and long lasting) colors. The chemical bonding of ink with fabric ensures your graphics will withstand the test of time.
  2. Their glare-free look. Compared to duratrans and digital screens, you can be sure your signage is seen from every angle with a glare-free SEG print.
  3. Versatile uses in an aluminum framing system. Square? Triangle? Circle? The possibilities with SEG framing systems are endless.
  4. Seamless printing. Whether you want a ten inch or a ten foot wide print, there’s a seamless solution for that.
  5. Cost-effectiveness. Dye-sublimated SEG prints can be rolled, shipped, and stored with ease so that you can re-use and save prints for any season.

Fabric displays are popular because of their wow factor and clean look. Because of the slight stretch to the material, they’re easily assembled, while still having a tight fit to the frame. Enhance the appearance of a graphic with customizable options, such as our 11+ lighting options and lettering accessories.

Retail stores across the country are taking the print industry into account when revamping stores, leading stores that were once ready to close their doors to instead, designing a totally rebranded experience for their customers. These interchangeable graphics provide the perfect solution to showcase your brand while offering the opportunity to revamp the graphics over time with easy installation and no hassle.

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