Rendering to Reality: Fan Presence Silicone Edge Graphic Solution Allows Duke Fans Back in the Stands

SEG Systems partners with ZEBRADOG to create a COVID-19

solution for Duke University’s Men’s Basketball Arena

In 2020, ZEBRADOG had an idea for Cameron Indoor Stadium and its fans. Or lack thereof shall we say.  The world was struck with the COVID-19 virus with mandated shutdowns and large gatherings being limited for the unforeseeable future. College Basketball and all sports were forced to think of alternative ways to play without any fans present. While safety is the number one priority, they realized teams thrive on having their fans at their games. ZEBRADOG designed a creative fan presence solution using silicone edge graphics for the Blue Devils with the goal of creating an intimate visual narrative that put “fans” back in the stands.


About the Space

Duke Men’s Basketball has 5 NCAA Championships under their belt, so it should come as no surprise that their stadium, Cameron Indoor Stadium is often regarded as the “epicenter of basketball.” Seating just 9,000 Blue Devils for each game, Cameron Indoor Stadium required a design that retained the intimate feel of the fans and players coming together under one roof while still keeping safety in mind.

Duke University Basketball Stadium Full
Duke University Basketball Stadium Full

ZEBRADOG came to SEG Systems with their ‘larger than life’ plans for the stadium, knowing that our capabilities and services could help execute this COVID-19 solution to the finish line! The design was presented as 5 large frame graphics printed with the always rowdy ‘Cameron Crazies.’ These custom sewn graphics were placed at both baselines, while three of the court length banners were placed directly in the Student Section, home of the 1,200 ‘Crazies.’

Duke University Basketball Stadium Full

Rachel Curtis and Debbie Savarino who lead the Bluedevil Gameday Experience Team were critical in the sourcing and strategic planning of the Crazies fan pictures. The visual fan presence program uses more than 150 individual photos from various years all digitally stitched together by ZEBRADOG to create a very amazing experience. The Duke Team looks to use this system well into the future for special events. A bad circumstance turned into a long term opportunity. That’s the best part!

Duke University SEG Install Frame Assembly
Duke University SEG Install Graphic Assembly

Each frame was custom-fitted by SEG Systems to its corresponding bleachers using our Tube extrusions with custom brackets. With SEG Systems lightweight, easy to assemble materials and onsite install services, we were able to have the entire Cameron Indoor Stadium installed in under 8 hours! ZEBRADOG entrusted our company with having quality products, at a cost-efficient price that delivered on time. The scale of each graphic gave a larger-than-life atmosphere as if the ‘Cameron Crazies’ showed up for the game. The realistic feel not only transcended to the stadium and the players but to viewers at home during broadcast games.


Duke University Blog Render Bleacher


Duke University Blog Bleachers Reality

SEG Systems is ready to partner with you to help elevate your brand, create excitement, and deliver larger-than-life solutions for your indoor sporting facility or corporate event.  Customizable for any gym, stadium space, or auditorium this cost-efficient, easy to assemble fan presence solution could be the answer for your next event.  SEG Systems was happy to work with ZEBRADOG to help make their Renderings, a Reality!


Duke University Blog Render Base Line


Duke University Reality Base Line

“We were so happy to partner with SEG Systems on our special project for Duke Basketball. They think like we do; anything is possible! No one could have imagined Cameron Indoor Stadium without ‘The Cameron Crazies’! We all have had to adjust our way of thinking and messaging in 2020. SEG is a fantastic partner.”

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Testimonial Item

Mark Schmitz

Founder/Creative Director, ZEBRADOG

“ZEBRADOG has a team of “out of the box” designers who spoke our language. We were thrilled to partner with them on this Duke project and bring their vision to reality. This was a true collaboration and the end result is nothing less than stunning. Both teams have a lot to be proud of.”

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Testimonial Item

Dori Tilson

Partner, SEG Systems

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