Branding with Window Displays

Whether customers are window shopping or actively shopping, an effective window display is essential to draw attention to a brick-and-mortar store. Window displays are free advertisement that can shape a customer’s first impression of the store, before they even walk in.

There are many different types of window displays, each using visual merchandising techniques to attract customers. That is to say, developing a compelling display will not only entice potential customers to stop in front of your store but motivate them to go in. From eye-catching back-lit graphics to custom merchandise pedestals, SEG Systems can design, engineer, and build an innovative window display for your brand.

Open Window Displays

The ICON customization center highlights the story behind a custom design. These shoe pedestals are topped with acrylic boxes and feature an informational plaque.

Open window displays offer a clean look that focuses on the experience within the store. For example, this ICON storefront display for SEG Services and Under Armour utilized a bright, colorful lightbox around the window frame to highlight the inside of the store. With this transparent design, there is an unobstructed view of the customization center. Also, the frosted logo decals on the windows serve as a call to action to come inside.


Floor-to-Ceiling Window Displays

One of the largest lightbox displays in the USA, spanning 70’ x 20’.

Create a lightbox storefront display that attracts customers at all times of the day. For instance, these front-firing LED lightboxes are the brightest and most durable on the market, providing a floor-to-ceiling solution that stands out no matter what time of the day or night. Additionally, downlighting was installed to create a more dramatic look, emphasizing the bold colors of the Arc’teryx graphics. Read more…


Closed Window Displays

This Asics double-sided lightbox provides a branding solution from the inside-out.

Closed window displays are beneficial when a brand wants to draw attention to specific branding elements or merchandise products. For this Asics storefront, a large lightbox was paired with custom pedestals to glorify the products on display while also maximizing branding opportunities.


Interchangeable Window Displays

These custom graphics can be switched out for quick rebranding and other featured products. 

Bring your brand to life by integrating multiple elements into your display. For instance, this Derek Lam 10 Crosby display for Sephora personifies the Fragrance and Film collaboration with two structures placed on either side of the entrance. On the left, the product glorifier shelf shines light on each of the featured fragrances. On the right, the mounted monitor plays a film about the campaign, bringing the two components of the collaboration together. See more…


Elevated Window Displays

The acrylic backboard was accessorized with a custom-made aluminum hoop and a steel base.

Rise above the rest with a mounted, double-sided lightbox. For example, this elevated window display for Foot Locker positioned the NBA stars at eye-level to catch attention from passers-by and in-store customers.

The Benefit of Storefront Displays

In conclusion, one of the biggest benefits of a brick-and-mortar store is having a storefront to advertise your brand. Therefore, creating an innovative window display is an opportunity to bring your brand to life and to attract customers. In addition, these displays have a large impact on brand perception; they have the power to influence the way a customer feels about your brand or even drive engagement with your brand.

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