Atlanta Baseballism Light box

Arc’teryx Lightbox Window Display


SEG Systems Capabilities

  • In-house manufacturing
  • Custom displays, fixtures and lightboxes
  • Millwork
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Powder coating and finishing
  • Design, engineering, and installation

Create a feature wall of light to attract potential customers’ attention during any time of day. Sunlight is overpowering in both light and heat for most window displays, but SEG Systems tackles this problem by creating front-firing LED lightboxes wall window display – the brightest and most durable on the market.

To bring this Arc’teryx window display to life, this LED lighting technology was mounted into 4.75” deep lightbox extrusions, creating a 72’x20′ double-sided lightbox wall. Want to be brighter than your competitors and have your window displays pop in the sunlight?

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Lightbox Window Display
Store Window Display

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