LED Lightbox Displays: Brighten your Branding14 min read

LED Lightbox Displays: Brighten Your Branding

SEG lightboxes offer floor-to-ceiling solutions that can be free standing, suspended, or wall-mounted. With endless customizable features, our one-of-a-kind fabric lightboxes can transform your space into a 360-degree, brand-immersive experience.

When it comes to an SEG lightbox, one size doesn’t fit all– the shape, scale, and depth is personalized to fit your brand perfectly! No matter the size of the lightbox or the depth of frame, there is a lighting solution that will make your display pop. Choose from one of our 11 stocked lighting solutions or go custom with our programmable lighting.

Add dimension to your lightbox by adding accessories:

  • 3D logos and lettering
  • TV mounts and integrated technology
  • Magnetic mounts for merchandise
  • Cabinetry and floating shelving
  • Frame finishes
  • Additional lighting- LED, halo, and more

A collection of SEG Systems’ lightboxes in varying sizes and frame depths

For additional product storage, wooden crates were hung on the back wall and shelves were installed under the countertops, hidden by sliding doors. The counters were made from raw butcher block and treated with Tung oil to ensure they were food safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

Free-Standing Lightboxes

Creative Surfaces Monitor Structure with Freestanding Backlit Frames

Drive customer interaction with an innovative, visual display. These freestanding, backlit structures grab customers’ attention and invites them to engage with your products.

Under Armour Custom Logo

Bring your brand to life with a life-size logo! This freestanding, LED lightbox display has programmable lighting that allows for customized colors, brightness, and movement throughout the display!

Thermos Trade Show Booth

Develop an immersive experience with a curved, silicon edge graphic. This backlit display captivates customers with a 180-degree panoramic view without the 10-mile hike to get there!

Majestic Shop-in-Shop

Optimize your Shop-in-Shop with stacked lightbox arches. These arches bring light to your space and provide support for merchandise racking and displays. Integrate technology into your lightbox displays with built in tv-mounts!

Thermos Trade Show Booth

Strategically break up your space with a corner frame. These fabric lightbox displays double as a room dividers and merchandising solutions: each corner showcases different products on floating shelves with a silicon edge graphic background.

Free-Standing Lightboxes

Indiana Pacers Custom Basketball Court Fixture

Integrate custom-shaped logos into your display to draw attention to your brand! This suspended lightbox was added to the center of this suspended basketball court fixture.

3D SEG Systems Cube

Develop a seamless look with a six-sided cube display. This suspended cube lightbox offers branding opportunity from all perspectives- and it spins!

Nike Retail Store Suspended Lightbox with Programmable Lighting

Grab your customers’ attention with a suspended lightbox! Ceiling space can be used to create an atmosphere from all angles.

Wall-Mounted Lightboxes

Arcteryx Wall Collage

Create a window illusion with a backlit lightbox collage. This 24-piece silicon edge graphic mosaic came together to transport their customers into the outdoors.

About SEG Systems

Whether you’re looking for a standard lightbox or a fully custom rollout, SEG Systems will provide a solution tailored to your company. In addition to our custom solutions, we provide environmentally friendly solutions! Our durable aluminum frames are designed to withstand bending and are easily reused by switching fabric prints. We also offer sustainable lighting options that are built to maintain long lifespans. Contact us today to learn more about our custom and sustainable solutions!

We would love to work with you! Check out our FAQs or Contact Us today to get started.

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