Integrating the Latest Technology at Retail and Trade Show Events8 min read

Integrating the Latest Technology at Retail and Trade Show Events

Hybrid experiences called “bricks and clicks” are shaping the future of in-person interactions: from tradeshows to retail stores. Combining the perks of virtual engagement with being in-person offers customers an interactive experience that’s personalized to their wants and needs.

As technology continues to grow, tradeshows transitioned from being more conversational to more experiential. Interactive displays give visitors control of their own experience. Visitors scan QR codes to interact with companies digitally- with the comfort of touchless contact and using their personal device. Also, phone charging stations are a popular branding opportunity that guarantees attention toward your booth.

However, traditional hands-on technology, such as touch screens and kiosks, are standard engagement tools because they’re universal and durable. For example, at the entrance of a tradeshow, visitors will use kiosks to register their RFID wristbands: technology that replaces IDs and card payments. Also, these wristbands allow access to additional tradeshow information and upcoming events.

SEG Systems offers solutions for all forms of integrated technology to make sure that your branding goes beyond the screen. This includes tv-mounted displays as well as interactive kiosks, QR code stands, and more!

How to Use Virtual Reality at a Tradeshow


Virtual reality and augmented reality is now more popular at tradeshows. To draw customers in to use VR, create a brand-immersive environment that targets your audience and showcases what they’ll experience. For instance, check out these virtual reality booths and gaming experiences:

Creative Surfaces gaming structure

Big Shots Golf augmented reality experience

How Retailers Can Improve Customer Experience with Digital Features


As retail websites continue to compete with in-person stores, businesses will enhance their brick-and-mortar stores to accommodate for the conveniences of online shopping. Modern retail experiences now include interactive retail displays such as virtual fitting rooms, customer service robots, and more!

A customers’ perception of a brand is not only reliant on how the website and retail environment makes them feel, but also how they can interact with the brand. In fact, interactive retail displays improve user experience and encourage customers to engage with your brand, how they want.

SEG Systems’ merchandising displays offer modern retail solutions that integrate technology into retail spaces in a visually appealing way. These displays can incorporate not only TVs, but also touch screens with a variety of our merchandise systems.

Asics Retail Store with a variety of integrated technology

Augmented reality technology now allows customers to try on products with virtual fitting rooms, cutting out the hassle of online returns or trying on products in a changing room. For example, customers can use with these services through programmable mirrors, phone apps, and display screens. Additionally, these experiential screens will provide stocking and sizing information along with personalized touchpoints, including suggested products.

Digital Customer Service: In-Store Pickup, Kiosks, and Voice-Recognition Robots


Self-service kiosks and voice recognition robots will be the future of customer service in retail. Customer service technology will answer FAQs with voice recognition and touch-screen search abilities, which mimics chat features on a website. In other words, these features give customers the attention they need with accurate, real-time communication.

Similarly, buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) services are optimized with product pickup software. Self-service kiosks and package lockers will authorize customers to pick up their order at their own convenience while also avoiding lines and wait times.

These end-cap screens could be replaced with the virtual fitting room technology or interactive touch-screens

In conclusion, SEG Systems is always pushing the envelope and finding ways to be ahead of industry trends. We are committed to the forward movement of technology and continue to provide innovative, custom solutions that integrate technology.


Looking Ahead at Future Trends: Grab-and-Go Shopping

Grab-and-go shopping integrates smart shelves and shopping carts that track the items that are taken off shelves and placed into a cart. Therefore, this modern technology eliminates the need for a cashier and allows customers to pay with their phone for self-checkout.

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