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US Foods Millwork Booth – Talking Shop with SEG

US Foods, a proud partner of the Austin Food and Wine Festival and one of the largest food service distributors in the country, was looking to create a tradeshow booth that had modern conveniences with the warmth of Texan hospitality.  To bring this to life, SEG Systems created a one-of-a-kind tradeshow booth that would personify its brand and drive customer engagement.

Vintage Barrels and reclaimed wood locally sourced

SEG Systems ensured every component of the millwork booth was authentic to the Texas event- from the repurposed vintage bourbon barrels, down to the finish on the screws. The wooden elements were constructed from reclaimed wood while the metal screws, brackets, and hangers were soaked in table salt and white vinegar to create a patina, amplifying the rustic appeal of the millwork booth.  

To maximize functionality, the back wall was constructed into five separate wall sections that were strategically cut to create the illusion of one seamless back wall. Each section was customized with hidden panels to conceal the connection points that secured the sections in place. The hidden panels were created using 325 Zero Side Mounts and 210 locks that sat behind the panel and could be accessed by simply pushing on the panel.  Segmenting the wall offers modular options to resize the booth to be larger or smaller for different sized tradeshow events. It also saves on shipping costs and optimizes mobility by making the build and tear down process more manageable.

Hidden panels used to conceal the connection points for each wall section

Rendering to Reality

Raw butcher block countertops were glued, clamped, sized, and treated with Tung oil

For additional product storage, wooden crates were hung on the back wall and shelves were installed under the countertops, hidden by sliding doors. The counters were made from raw butcher block and treated with Tung oil to ensure they were food safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

Modular Tradeshow Booth – Maximizing Flexibility


The US Foods’ tradeshow booth was built to last for years by integrating customizable signage. The side of the millwork booth features detachable, centra graphics that are mounted with Velcro strips- offering the option to easily switch out graphics. A SEG fabric frame is attached to the back wall using threaded inserts so the frame can be easily added and removed. The graphic is a dye-sublimated fabric with a thin silicone gasket, sewn around the perimeter of the graphic-resulting in a frameless-like appearance that’s interchangeable. Incorporating adaptable features ensures that the tradeshow booth will be timeless and last for years!

Dye-sublimated fabric on the back wall

Because of the flexibility in sizing, this 10 x 20-foot millwork booth was compacted into just three crates. SEG Systems’ custom crate building offers shipping solutions that ensures the product arrives as perfect as it gets shipped out.

Utilizing repurposed wood was more than just fulfilling a visual aesthetic. It also served as a metaphor for the US Foods’ purpose as a company: repurposing bland recipes by transforming them into modern, gourmet cuisines. SEG Systems embraced this objective by sourcing recycled wood from sustainable vendors and transforming it into a modern experience with a vintage feel.


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