2021 Trade Show Trends

Are you curious about what trade shows will look like in the future? Read more to find out about the top 5 upcoming trends.

Trade show trends have evolved drastically in the past year. In 2021, businesses have revamped their creative strategy at events to account for these changes. There are five major trends that will shape the future of trade shows

#1 Trade Show Safety

Increased safety and sanitation precautions will be the new “norm” of trade shows. Social distancing measures call for wider isles between booths, crowd control barriers, and room dividers. Exhibits will be required to follow cleaning protocols and attendees will be encouraged to utilize sanitation stations. Therefore, there will be an emphasis on touchless digital technology to encourage hands-free engagement. Similarly, booth-side pickup will be a common technique for distributing packaged promotional gifts.

#2 Smaller Trade Shows

As trade shows begin to return as an in-person experience, some shows will be smaller in size and more industry-specific. Regional trade shows have grown in popularity because they’re a form of crowd control, which also cuts travel expenses. In general, shows are finding innovative methods to balance social distancing guidelines with maximizing the number of attendees. For example, some visitors may feel safer by booking a time slot to visit a booth to minimize spacing concerns.

With smaller shows, comes smaller spaces. To accommodate booths of all shapes and sizes, our modular trade show displays are customizable to fit any exhibit layout. Previously, we designed a that was specialized to maximize area in both small and large floor spaces.

#3 Trade Show Technology

Technology will be the driving force of trade shows in 2021. With the increase of interactive technology, exhibits will include virtual reality and augmented reality to give attendees a fully immersive experience with products/services. Kiosks and tablet stands will also be stationed throughout exhibits. At SEG Systems, we have the capabilities to integrate technology into the exhibit’s design with custom tv encasings, tablet stands, interactive kiosks, and more!

For example, artificial intelligence mapping will be used as a match-making service to give customized exhibit recommendations to the attendees, based on what services or products they are looking for.

Additionally, contactless QR codes will be stationed throughout the show and within booths. We offer a wide range of display options including counters, pedestals, and tv/tablet mounts. We also love to think outside of the box; our team can design a custom exhibit for your brand!

#4 Creative Trade Show Exhibits

In the future of trade shows, businesses will have to get creative with their exhibit’s design to stand out.

The easiest way to do this is by using every inch of the booth. For example, some exhibits do this by creating a controlled experience of one-way paths with directional markers, which increases efficiency and social distancing safety. These designs provide a controlled experience that creates a narrative from the beginning to the end of the exhibit. Here at SEG Systems, we utilize our in-house designers, custom steel fabrication, millwork capabilities, and fully customizable SEG frames to create a cohesive brand story.  We maximize extra exhibit space with our customizable freestanding and suspended frames.

Another strategy is to incorporate unique, eye-catching lighting. We stock 11 different types of lighting that can light up even the most complex shapes. If that’s not enough, our Nerd Herd (engineers) can design custom lighting that will make your booth “shine!” If you dream it, we can design, engineer, and build it.

#5 Hybrid Trade Shows

Throughout the unprecedented year of 2020, businesses and events were forced to shift to 100% virtual experiences due to safety concerns caused by the Pandemic. While in-person tradeshows have started to come back, many tradeshows will offer a hybrid approach of in-person and virtual experiences. Hybrid shows have many benefits, including giving the customer a choice in how they participate, unlimited capacities and a new audience with global reach. Further, some exhibits will even include meeting spaces within their booth to accommodate for individualized meetings. Each trade show establishes their own attendance guidelines based on the industry that they serve.

Whether you attend a trade show virtually or in person, keep these changes in mind! SEG Systems is eager to collaborate with you and your brand to create a safe and memorable booth. Check out our website portfolio to explore our capabilities and to get inspiration for your next booth.