Atlanta Baseballism Light box

Recessed Dimmable LED Panels


SEG Systems Capabilities

  • In-house manufacturing
  • Custom displays, fixtures and lightboxes
  • Millwork
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Powder coating and finishing
  • Design, engineering, and installation

Glorify your products by bringing sunlight indoors with these large recessed LED Panel lights. Recessed into the ceiling and built from our 4.5” SEG aluminum extrusion frame, our front firing LED’s can be easily controlled by a remote dimmer to provide flexibility and customization to the customer. Built to emulate real sunlight, these lights allow customers to visualize how paint colors will be seen both outdoors and indoors.. The ability to dim or increase the lighting allows the occupant to change the look and feel of the space at any time.

light panel roof installation
blue car under recessed lit panel

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