SEG Systems’ Commitment to Sustainability7 min read

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SEG Systems’ Commitment to Sustainability

While there is room for improvement, America and Manufacturing has come a long way in its recycling efforts. Recycling over the last few decades compared to present day has grown from 6% to 34%. That has a lot to do with great organizations like Recycling Coalition and America Recycles Day organization but it also has a lot to do with all of you too.

We know that consumers today demand to work with more environmentally responsible companies, and we feel the same way. That is why we partner with and buy from environmentally friendly vendors too. We have also taken that one step further by not only buying recycled materials but recycling those materials once again.

To date, we have recycled more than 390,975 pounds of aluminum with Custom Recycles. Did you know that recycling aluminum saves over 95% of the energy used to manufacture new aluminum products. In addition to conserving energy, recycling aluminum reduces pollution and conserves natural resources. We also recycle 100% of our used cardboard, and paper products utilizing a dedicated dumpster that is recycled weekly.

To advocate for forest conservation and restoration, SEG Systems’ millwork department sources from FSC certified vendors. These distributors are held to high standards to ensure their products are made from eco-friendly practices and materials.


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We also make it easier to recycle at the office by providing every employee reusable water tumbler and coffee mug, placing water refill stations and coffee stations throughout the office and shop and source environmentally friendly uniforms and clothing.


5 Fun Facts about Recycling

Did you know Recycling creates jobs? Over 681,000 jobs in America are related to recycling. In the U.S., Clean energy jobs provide earnings 25% above the national median wage and outpaces fossil fuel extraction/generation jobs 3:1.
The U.S. Recycles 65% of its aluminum and 105,800 aluminum cans are recycled in our country every minute!
Did you know that Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely so it is no surprise that almost 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.
Recycling is profitable. Every 10,000 tons of materials recycled produces $760,000 in wages for people across the country.
Recycling offers numerous health benefits like less pollution, improved public health, cost savings which means more money in your wallet, and it can help strengthen the American manufacturing industry.
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    Just like SEG Systems, every manufacturing company and individual has the power to make sustainable decisions to reduce their waste and carbon footprint. With the help of the manufacturing community, we all can play a role in restoring our Earth and investing in our planet.

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