Bowling has a long and rich history andcan be traced back to 3200BC, but just because bowling is old, doesn’t mean the bowling alley has to look that way. Kalahair resorts, with their state of the art Bruncwick bowling technology, wanted to create an environment that showcased the latest design and technology in bowling.

SEG Systems was able to provide a more dramatic and cost effective solution compared to other quotes of vinyl and rigid graphic options. SEG’s solution was a simple .625” deep, wall mounted, nonlit fabric SEG frame that spans nearly 150 feet and over 9 feet tall. Typically fabric graphics can only be printed at a maximum width of 8 feet, but SEG Systems is able to sew a near-seamless line to connect graphics!

Installation was a breeze and took less time than a full game of bowling would. Added bonus – it only took two staff members to install!