Atlanta Baseballism Light box

Custom Millwork and LED Technology Centerpiece

SEG Systems Capabilities

  • In-house manufacturing
  • Custom displays, fixtures and lightboxes
  • Millwork
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Powder coating and finishing
  • Design, engineering, and installation

Collaborating with Jack Porter, SEG Systems was able to produce a  centerpiece honoring retired basketball player numbers at Michigan State University. As the highest honor a player can be given, Michigan State was looking for a memorable and worthy tribute for their teammates. SEG Systems built a custom millwork console using curved wood and white laminated wood with integrated LED light technology all around.

Curved frames and custom LED panels were fitted into the counter display with vinyl to create recessed lit silicone edge graphics to show off each player’s success story. On the bottom edge, green LED lighting shined around the curved console. To complete, a custom center podium was designed to support a Spartan head form with lit custom 3D acrylic lettering beneath it reading “Elite of the Elite” to create a true commemoration for Michigan State’s basketball players.

MSU custom millwork
MSU custom millwork and LED Technology
LED technology and custom millwork console
led technology podium graphic

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