Grocery Store Retail for the Post-Pandemic Consumer

Grocery Store Retail for the Post-Pandemic Consumer

The pandemic has changed how people shop for groceries. Did you know that almost ¾ of US consumers who shopped for groceries online will continue to do so? So, what can grocery retailers do to make shopping more convenient, safe, and innovative for consumers?

Grocery retailers can improve in-store experiences and implement omni-channel strategies across all channels to take advantage of online, curbside, and in-store pick-up fulfillment. This is no longer considered a temporary solution for a terrible pandemic situation. They must create systems that are both user-friendly for the brand-new online consumer, BOPIS customer (Buy Online – Pick Up In Store) and amplify the experiences both in-store and online with loyalty programs and activations at store for the avid repeat shopper.

In a nutshell, it is about offering top notch customer service with out-of-the-box thinking. It is creating a retail store that offers the safest, cleanest, and top-grade product offerings. It is also about presenting it in a way that epitomizes the characteristics of luxury, high end products and services in easy to see, use and feel experiences.

Top notch butcher practices, farm fresh produce, in store restaurants for a quick bite to eat-in or take home, easy meal prep merchandisers, and beautiful products on display to allow the in-store customer to select their cheeses, fruits and meats based on the touchpoints and senses that consumers can’t get shopping online. They want a fast check-out, someone to carry out their groceries, with the flexibility to pay the way they want to with touchless payments like Apple pay, or Venmo. It is about giving the customer ultimate flexibility and say in how they shop while also making it easier, safer, entertaining, and more rewarding.

Custom lettering on Hy-Vee in-store restaurant
Man using digital integration screen

Digital integration screens allow for convenience shopping and touchless payment

With immense change and demand for top notch experiences at the grocery retail store, stores have an opportunity to transform the grocery store retail experience into one that can meet the customer where they are, drive conversions, boost customer loyalty and improve the overall processes for both the store and the customer. Are you ready to make the changes that will allow robust growth and customer satisfaction?

Retail Lightbox
Custom Grocery Lettering

US Foods Custom 3D Lettering Signage

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