SEG Meets Crowd Control Barriers

SEG presents the Crowd Control System as a new solution for pedestrian control for any occasion.  This is the next generation in crowd control barriers, transforming them into a premium advertising real estate, as well as having the flexibility to house slat wall panels for those last minute impulse purchases.

A modern, lightweight design made from Aluminum makes this system fast and easy to deploy yet sturdy and strong. Elevate your brand impression with SEG fabric graphics as a sleek and beautiful alternative to barrier jackets.

Linking sections together has never been easier, just slide the SEG frame into the posts. Each frame has a pivot point of 55° allowing you to create some unique shapes and arrangements.

Don’t stop designing at just Crowd Control, the posts and frames can be cut to order at any size and length.  Allowing you the ability to build “portable rooms” creating privacy, meeting spaces and storage. There is no limitation except your imagination!