bending the Rules on Curved SEG and Tubular Structures

SEG is bending the rules on tension fabric frames and fabric architecture. We have expanded our in-house capabilities with new bending equipment accompanied with skilled industry craftsmen and are excited to offer this new ability to our clients.

Staying true to our core value of being flexible the marriage of tubular stock aluminum to our current SEG extrusions to create some unique displays seems like a winning solution for our clients. Allowing shapes to form with round or sharp edges, makes for endless design possibilities.

Common tension fabric Structures:

Light Weight Hanging Signs

Custom Booth Enclosures


Booth Divider Walls

Free Form Wings

Fabric Sculptures/Art

Projection Walls/Backdrops

Theater Enclosures


Being solution driven, we must constantly evolve to meet the needs of our clients. It is our desire to be your provider for tension fabric structures and architecture. You dream it we design engineer and build it!