Reverse Load Window Displays5 min read

Reverse Load Window Displays

Looking to make an impact immediately with your storefront displays but need the ease of being able to update the displays frequently with limited resources and personnel? Let us introduce you to reverse load window displays, where your only limitation is the size of your windows.

JD Sports window display
Interested, then let us explain. Prior to our reverse load aluminum frame extrusions and lightboxes, you would have to maneuver the lightbox away from the window to get access to the lightbox frame to change out the graphics. Or in some cases if you hung or permanently secured the lightboxes to the ceiling or walls then there were no options except complete removal of the display to update the graphics and a whole new installation. That could be costly and time consuming!
famous footwear window display

Reverse load window displays and lightboxes allows you the flexibility to change out your graphics from the “reverse” side – the side that is behind the front facing lightbox, so you have complete access to change out the graphics while eliminating the need to move the structure. This is not only a time saver but a great safety feature too. Knowing that you have your displays installed one time and you don’t have to touch it again except to update your graphics couldn’t be easier and a great peace of mind for the store owners and their customers.

reverse load window display shoes

Wondering what the other side looks like when you are inside the shop? Well, I am so glad you asked. It can look like anything you want since this side holds a SEG fabric graphic too! Who doesn’t like a two for one deal?


Interested? We would love to talk to you. Or check out our other displays and lightboxes here.

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