Rendering to Retail: J&P Cycles6 min read

Rendering to Retail: J&P Cycles

J&P Cycles asked for a retail experience that dared their customers to “live life on two wheels.” To propagate this into a store experience, SEG Systems used raw materials and elements that personified the feeling of riding your bike on the road.  The merchandisers, fixtures, lighting, furniture, and signage were all created to give you a cohesive look that amplified the products being merchandised in them. Some of the custom features included customized helmet racks, shadow boxes, slat walls, shoe displays, and clothing merchandisers, along with textural fabricated cash wraps and full ceiling grids. 

SEG was able to craft a floor to ceiling rollout of custom fixtures, lighting, millwork, and specialty accessories that we designed, engineered, and built for their stores.

We brought the theme to life with the juxtaposition of metal and millwork. On one hand, metal is the foundation of the motorcycle industry: from motorcycle chassis to rims to hard bags. On the other hand, the millwork appeals to the aesthetic of being wild and exploring the outdoors.


Ceiling Grid

arcteryx reverse load window displays

This project featured a custom full ceiling grid that was designed to mimic barbed wire.

Cash Wrap

arcteryx reverse load window displays

The cash wrap integrated both the metallic and wooden textures with logo signage on top.

Helmet Display

arcteryx reverse load window displays

The helmet racks were designed to hold the helmets at the perfect angle, showing exactly what they would look like when worn.

Retail Merchandisers

JD Sports window display

The real beauty of these merchandise displays went beyond the metal fabrication, millwork veneers, and sustainable woods.  It was their multipurpose customizable features that were built into each piece, giving them the ultimate flexibility to fit their unique products perfectly and timelessly.




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