Atlanta Baseballism Light box

Under Armour ICON Window Frames


SEG Systems Capabilities

  • In-house manufacturing
  • Custom displays, fixtures and lightboxes
  • Millwork
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Powder coating and finishing
  • Design, engineering, and installation

No need for an introduction when you have “ICONic” window displays that speak for themselves! With SEG Systems window displays, you can stand out from the crowd while also differentiating your business from your competitors. Window displays have the ability to create a connection between your customer and your brand. 

This ICON Window Display Frame for SEG Services and Under Armour was created for their Chasing Rainbow Icon Store event. Utilizing vibrant and richly colored light boxes (almost like a rainbow, don’t you think?), these window frames become the star of the show! Check out more of our window display options and designs and get inspired. What are you waiting for? 

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