SHOP-IN-SHOPS are the latest way to get your brand out there without owning a brick and mortar store. When a mall or large retail store allows you to use space to sell your products, make sure you take full advantage of the oppurtunity to grab your customers’ attention and enhance their shopping experience.

Here’s a quick equation to help you better understand why creating the perfect Shop-in-Shop is important to your brand:

Brand Awareness






Brand Loyalty. Capiche?

With an SEG Systems Shop-in-Shop, you can build something as simple as a 10×5’ space with a few freestanding frames, or as complex as a 10×20’ with doors, windows, and graphics all around. Plus, fill your Shop-in-Shop with millwork, merchandising systems, and interactive features such as touchscreens or mounted TVs!

We’ve listed a few standard variations of Shop-in-Shops, but don’t forget that custom is our middle name. Have it your way – we’d be pumped to come up with a custom-made Shop-in-Shop for your brand!

Inspiration and Education


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