Globalshop 2019

Globalshop just got bigger. In 2019, three trade shows were combined to create RetailX: RFID Journal Live!, IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition), and Globalshop. Surrounded by nearly 1,000 booths all competing for attention, SEG Systems struck again and brought home two awards: Product Development and Booth Design Awards.

Take a look around and see what SEG Systems did to conquer Globalshop this year.

Interactive Lightbox Wall

Representing the Queen City from over 750 miles away, the back wall of this year’s booth was a lightbox montage constructed of:

  • 21 lightboxes
  • SEG fabric
  • 5 extrusion depths
  • 7 LED lighting solutions

Landing Pad (Conference Table)

Powering the lightbox montage wall was our custom-built command center. Built in-house, this conference table in the middle of the booth surrounded LEG strip lighting that was programmed to change colors and patterns throughout the event.

The table was topped with fingerprint-resistant laminate to ensure a clean look over the course of many hands during our time in Chicago.

The centerpiece of the table was SEG’s take on a zen garden – keep reading to learn more!

Zen Garden

To highlight our extensive extrusion collection was SEG’s version of a zen garden. Illuminated by hidden front-firing LEDs, this cutout was then filled with plastic pellets and aluminum extrusions. Fidget, much?

Control Panel

With buttons, dials, and sliders, SEG Systems was able to walk customers through our lightbox technology offerings:

  • Full-lit vs. Half lit
  • Perimeter Lighting vs. Front-Firing
  • Temperature
  • Dimmable Lighting
  • LGP for thin lightboxes

Back Wall

Spanning the back of the booth was a 40′ x 16′, dye-sublimated, non lit graphic.

Left Side: Systems and Merchandising Displays

Ever consider taking your fabric frame further? At SEG Systems, it’s something we do every day. We aim to create unique functioning displays by combining our in-house manufacturing capabilities and a large selection of SEG frame extrusions. There’s nothing standard about this side of the booth:

  • Mannequin Glorifier
    • Corner Lightbox Extrusions
    • Millwork Accents
    • Perimeter Lighting
    • White Interior Fabric
  • Game Console
    • Nintendo 64
    • Custom Frames
    • Built-In Monitor
    • Millwork Panel
  • Merchandising Mannequin Display
    • Slat Wall
    • Standard Shelving
    • Double-Sided
  • Shop-In-Shop Systems
    • Custom-Built
    • Windows
    • Millwork
    • Locking Doors

P.S. – Have you seen the Frames & Displays Catalog yet? It has many different systems to help inspire your next project!

Right Side: Freestanding Frames & Lightbox Accessories

On the right side of our booth was a collection of freestanding frames and fabric frame accessories. These frames varied in depths and sizes to show off the many options that are available when it comes to purchasing your next fabric frame or lightbox.

We sprinkled fabric frame and lightbox accessories throughout this side of the booth to highlight the endless possibilities of customization for frames:

  • SEG TV Monitor Mounts
  • Shelves
  • 3D Logos
  • Product Glorifiers
  • Millwork Bases
  • Faux Neon Flexible LED Strips.


End Caps

To bring the booth together, SEG frames were scattered around, mounted at all angles, and glorified on millwork end caps that were lit with 4.0” perimeter lighting covered with white SEG fabric.

This really helped show off the technology that SEG Systems handles on a day-to-day basis. What makes these end caps even better were the suspended, spinning, lit cubes!

Want more? We’ve got tons of photos in the blog post about our experience at Globalshop 2019!

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