Don’t have a wall? Want to build one? We’ve got your back – or in this case, your feet. FREESTANDING frames can be used to create barriers, act as dividers at trade shows, or even create cubicles that people will actually want to work in.

10 feet tall? 15’? 20’? We’re not scared of heights. Your wish is our command. Don’t let size intimidate you, though. These can still be installed at an associate level.

If you like snazzy shoes, you can choose different types of feet for your freestanding display. You can even add your logo to really bring the space together. What really makes our freestanding displays stand out (get it? Stand out?) is the strength of the feet. To increase durability and decrease wobbling, our feet are installed directly into the internal HD
aluminum corner, creating multiple points of contact for the most stable freestanding frame on the market. No one’s doing the wobble over here!

We bet you’re thinking “Okay, so I can put this all together myself, but where do I begin?” So glad you asked. Each piece we create at SEG Systems is compactly shipped to protect your product and save on the cost of shipping. Once you receive it, don’t worry about closing up shop for the day. Our products are designed to be installed with a minimal amount of construction, making it so that you shouldn’t even need to close your doors to create your new environment filled with SEG products.


Like what you see? Want to see more? It all starts with a conversation. When you reach out to SEG Systems you gain a trusted partner that also doubles as a one-stop-shop frames and displays manufacturer.