When it comes to controlling a crowd, most barriers are unsightly – and typically don’t work. Don’t let your customers get lost. No one wants to wade through an environment lacking structure. Instead, guide them through custom CROWD CONTROL barriers. With this technology, you can put graphics in places they have never been before.

Our crowd control barriers have 55 degree pivot points and four insertion points on each post that allow for flexibility when it comes time to lay them out, whether it be for a trade show, in a store, or at a game!

Have tall customers? Interested in gerbil racing? We’re not here to judge. The aluminum base posts can be as tall as 8’ or as short as 5” – see where the gerbil comment came from?

Want to do more than just promote your brand with SEG fabric? Accessorize your crowd control walls with slat walls that hold shelving, hooks, and racks to display merchandise for last minute purchases!


Like what you see? Want to see more? It all starts with a conversation. When you reach out to SEG Systems you gain a trusted partner that also doubles as a one-stop-shop frames and displays manufacturer.