covid 19 frame solutions

Our world has been hit with an unexpected an unprecedented event like Corona Virus. At SEG Systems our goal has always been innovation, and over the last few weeks w have begun rolling out a series of products to help our customers adjust to the “new normal.” These products fall in line with this idea by helping a vast array of businesses and retailers reconstruct how they operate to combat the spread of germs and maintain the safety of their employees and customers alike.


Want to abide by the safety regulations but already have an existing counter? We have the product for you! We have designed a simple, yet highly effective solution “The Sneeze Guard!”

Sneeze Guards, or a fancier term, “wellness barrier” (ya’ll know we ain’t fancy) are the perfect solution for any environment where there are face to face transactions occurring. These barriers make shoppers and employees alike feel safer in their environments. This design is best suited for pre-existing counters and desks. Made of ultra high impact material, which is eight times stronger than the standard acrylic, these are designed to be more than just a temporary solution. The material can be standard clear or even have a glass green edge to mimic real tempered glass.

The Sneeze Guard is so simple to install. It is super lightweight and each Guard only requires a few pieces of adhesive which makes it simple for anyone to take down, or put back up for the necessary occasions! It is also very easy to clean and care for. 

Just like no two people are alike, no two customers needs are the same. SEG offers customization for the Sneeze Guard to better suit your needs, with options such as: alternate mounting, custom guard shapes, and branded designs.


The Social Distancing Kiosk is created using our Crowd Control System. This system is easily assembled by sliding a hinged frame into the crowd control post. These systems can be customized with a variety of substrates, from transparent acrylic to digitally printed fabric graphics or rigid prints. Each post has four insertions points that pivot at a 55 degree angle, which allows for ultimate flexibility in design. Whether its promoting safety with the social distancing screen or branding for your company, you no longer have to choose! These panels are completely interchangeable and quickly convert as your needs evolve. 

One solution CAN fit all! Our crowd control system can be configured in various designs to solve your service needs. Create a safe pick up area for online orders, or a dedicated customer service zone. All of the panels can be digitally printed for branding purposes. Let our design team assist you in creating the perfect kiosk for you!


Want to expand the message of social distancing in your space? Explore our endless options for Safety Signage. All signage can be made out of our standard products. Join forces with our design team to create custom graphics for your business in order to reinforce the message of employee and customer safety!