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You asked, we answered…

To kick off the new year, we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions about SEG Systems’ products, capabilities, and services- all in one easy-to-read blog.

What does SEG stand for and what is its benefit?

A Silicon Edge Graphic is a high resolution, dye-sublimated fabric that’s finished with a thin silicon strip. The thin silicon edge is easily inserted into SEG Systems’ aluminum frames- creating a clean, powerful look for any space. Click through Below to see the top 8 benefits!

What types of SEG frames are there? Do they have to be mounted on a wall?

With 92 extrusions available, our SEG frames come in all shapes and sizes. They can be single or double sided, customized to any 2D or 3D shape, and scaled to any size.

SEG frames don’t have to be wall-mounted, they can also be freestanding or suspended– meaning you can integrate SEG frames into any space!

What kind of accessories can I add to an SEG frame?

Our frames can be enhanced with a variety of 3D lettering and merchandising accessories. We offer 12+ solutions for 3D lettering and logos, both lit and non-lit. With modern technology, your letters can be made from aluminum, plastic, wood, and LEDs.

Our merchandiser display accessories include product glorifiers, floating shelving, and slat walls. We also offer a variety of accessories for freestanding frames with the option of mounts, stock feet, shaped feet, rolling feet, and baseplates.

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What should I consider when purchasing a lightbox?

There are 4 major variables to consider when buying a lightbox:


  • Sizethe size of the lightbox will determine which lighting solutions will work best with the frame. Ex: a larger lightbox means more distance that the light must travel.
  • Brightness– the brightness of the environment will determine if the lightbox should be half-lit or full-lit. Adjusting the brightness of a lightbox can enhance the aesthetic of your space.
  • Single or Double Sided the location of the lightbox will determine if it needs to be double or single sided. Ex: if you want a bright window display, a double-sided full-lit lightbox will probably be the best solution to enhance both in-store and curb appeal
  • Cost the cost of the lightbox will be determined by the size, lighting solution, accessories, and more. Considering these additions, with their cost in mind, will help determine what solution is best for you!
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What are SEG Systems’ lighting options?

We have more than 19 lighting solutions to fit in all types of environments and SEG frames including perimeter bars, RGBW mesh, light guided panels, optix and more! Click below to see all of our lighting solutions:

What are SEG Systems’ capabilities?

We’re an in-house manufacturer with all our capabilities under one roof:


What are the benefits of using SEG Systems’ products in my retail space?

More than a frame

  • Design displays with unique shapes, sizes, & textures
  • Modular without construction

Custom merchandising displays


  • Elevate your brand
  • Generate additional footprint

How can I revamp my creative strategy at tradeshows and events?

Create an environment

  • Floor to ceiling branding
  • Conference rooms & photo ops

Engage customers

Maximize space

  • Modular to fit without construction
  • Conceal products in hidden storage

Promote sustainability & safety

How can I upgrade the appearance and functionality of my office space, showroom, or athletic complex?

Brand immersion

  • Enhance aesthetics with unique shapes and textures
  • Integrate technology and digital features
  • Create a mood with programmable lighting

Interchangeable features

  • Rearrange your space with modular cubicles
  • Replace graphics with easy-install prints

Fill open space

  • Showcase products with pedestals and display cases
  • Utilize blank hallways

Promote safety

  • Separate spaces with room dividers

What is a modular display?

Modular displays are merchandising solutions that are flexible and maximize functionality. Our modular displays collection offers the option to resize your shop-in-shop, pop-up shop, or merchandising display to be larger or smaller, depending on the size of the retail or tradeshow space. These displays are reusable and built to last due to their rearrangeable layouts and exchangeable graphics.

What is SEG Systems’ process?

First, we’ll talk through what you’re looking for and design the perfect solution for your brand.

Our estimating team will price out the design and send it over to the engineering team- they will ensure that your project is ready for production.

Then, you’ll be paired with one of our dedicated project managers that will oversee your project through every step of its journey.

In the shop, we’ll cut and clean the frames, add lighting, and insert graphics. All frames are tested in-house by our quality control team, guaranteeing that your project is exactly as designed.

After that, the final product will be packaged in custom boxes or crates and then shipped out.

Last step is installation- most of our frames can be assembled at an associate level, but we also offer professional installation for more complex projects!

What are the benefits of working with SEG Systems?

Our greatest asset (besides our people) is our diverse offerings of products and services that allows us to offer our customer a customized solution.

As an in-house manufacturer, we are able to give our customers quick and accurate estimates, integrated production capabilities, and the ability to follow the entire process: from inception to installation.

We have both domestic and international manufacturing and sourcing capabilities, giving our partners the ultimate flexibility and assurances for hitting deadlines and getting the price they need.

In summary, the greatest advantage in working with SEG, as your custom manufacturer, is that we can look at the entire project holistically and approach the project from not only a brand image, but from a structurally sound design with a multi-viewpoint lens.

We would love to work with you! Contact us today to get started.

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