Multi-Use Spaces in Retail Stores, Tradeshow Booths, and Hotels7 min read

Multi-Use Spaces in Retail Stores, Tradeshow Booths, and Hotels

Do you host multiple events in the same space? Does your brand appeal to different audiences? Maximize your area with functional solutions that are built to fit any occasion. Multi-use spaces can be strategically designed to accommodate different dynamics. These flexible layouts can incorporate features that change the mood of a room, target a specific audience, or cater to a hybrid environment.

Hotel Architecture Design

Combine multiple spaces into one with a functional architecture design. With the click of a button, this Radisson multi-purpose room transitions from work to lounge. The innovative design includes ceiling lightboxes with dimmable lighting features that can be customized to a specific mood.

Retail Store Design

Appeal to different audiences with multi-use retail displays. Adjustable features such as replaceable graphics or programmable lighting can transform a space based on the target market. For example, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is home to two different professional teams, the Atlanta Falcons and United FC, with just one team store. SEG Systems developed interchangeable displays that appropriate the space for each team, depending on the event scheduled that day.

Tradeshow Booth Design

Lit Tradeshow Booth
US Foods National Restaurant Association VR


Lastly, accommodate for hybrid events with a multi-faceted tradeshow booth. This US Foods booth features dedicated sections for virtual reality, meet-and-greets, and video conferences- all in one booth. Allotting space for each of these experiences maximizes the layout’s area and functionality. Additionally, it creates an environment that caters to a range of audiences with different interactive needs.

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