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Solution to any Scale Project with Largest Rollout of Extrusions

Warehouse Image with text In-House Manufacturer

Solution to any Scale Project with Largest Rollout of Extrusions

SEG Systems has built our reputation on having a solution for any scale project and a project near and dear to our hearts was also one of the largest rollout we have ever done. In fact, it was 940% larger than any other single shipment of extrusions that we have produced, highlighting how flexible and nimble we are when it comes to putting our clients first.  Due to the confidentiality of our client, we won’t name their brand, but we would like to share insight into how big this project really was.

Extrusions- Let’s Talk About Size

For starters, we produced 1.2 MILLION feet of extrusions. We’re talking 227 miles of extrusions, which is equivalent to 3,333 football fields or 1,129 Eiffel Towers! Not to mention, we produced 33,971 frames, 542,128 parts, 67,942 recyclable boxes, and 875 skids- adding up to 300,000 pounds of product.
Graph comparing the total amount of extrusions to a football field and eiffel tower

Making It Happen

Our Solution? Go Big or go home. We went Big, 140,000 square feet big, by securing a second warehouse for this project, we were able to dedicate 40,000 sq. ft. of kitting space for this job alone. With a job of this size, we knew that size alone was not going to get the job done. We needed our people, and we needed them 24/7. After maximizing our 2-shift workday and adding in seasonal help, we were able to accomplish this rollout not only on budget and on brand, but also on time!

Why is this important to you? Because whether your project is larger than the one we just mentioned or small enough to fit in one crate, we will invest the same careful attention to your project.

 “I am blown away by the hundreds of dedicated individuals who worked together as ONE TEAM to make this happen. To all the team members who touched this project, YOU made this happen! Today I celebrate YOUR individual efforts and selfless TEAMWORK!”

Reid Johnson, SEG Systems Founder

SEG Systems greatest asset is our people. Our dedicated team is made up of hard-working employees that give their all to our customers. We collaborate with our clients to understand their needs and design a solution that fits exactly what they need. Beyond the projects, our people are passionate about building meaningful relationships with our clients, which makes SEG Systems’ success extraordinary.

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