Innovative Retail: Innovation in Motion with Asics6 min read

Innovative Retail: Innovation in Motion with Asics

The Thought

Picture this: it’s time to give your store a makeover. What do you see? What do you want your customers to see? If you have innovative retail ideas, SEG Systems is known for making them happen. Don’t believe me? Keep scrollin’ and see for yourself.


The Rendering

While working with an agency, this retail store had a dream of screen feature walls, mannequin risers, and pedestals – all made from custom millwork. Having worked with SEG Systems in the past, this Portland-based agency knew they could trust us to get the job done. After mocking up a few renderings, SEG Systems hit the ground running to make this dream a reality.

Rendering of Custom Retail Design


With custom millwork capabilities, SEG Systems designed an innovative retail display by building a replica of the rendering and included a large-scale lightbox. The silicone edge graphic lightbox gave the industrial space more of a natural feel, while the millwork screen made up of 1″x3″ soft maple set the tone for a more private area that was dedicated to that specific product launch.

Let’s keep moving. Outside of the millwork walls was a mannequin base made of clear-coated maple plywood surrounded by gloss-black laminate. The base was notched to make install a breeze (see what we did there?) for an acrylic graphic mounted to the back to add dimension and color to the merchandise. The pedestals that were to be scattered throughout the store were also made of soft maple, but we added an acrylic surround to give the pedestals added dimension.

The Reality

Reality check: just because SEG is in our name doesn’t mean that’s all we’re capable of. We may have started with fabric frames and lightboxes, but over time have expanded our capabilities and passions.

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