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Glorifier Displays – Revolutionizing Merchandise Displays 

Command the attention of your consumers while standing out from the crowd! SEG Systems’ glorifier displays offer an innovative and impressive display solution for your products. Utilizing LED Lights for an illuminated and innovative look, Glorifiers provide the best results for your brand’s merchandise.

In addition to being a unique display solution, Glorifiers add to the ambiance of any retail space by creating a captivating design appeal that is sleek and modern while being brand-centric and product-focused.

Circular Glorifier utilized to showcase Adidas footwear

When considering ways to best reveal and or showcase your merchandise, you will want to consider utilizing a trending display solution such as Glorifiers. Glorifiers, not only stand out among the crowd by offering an impressive and show-stopping product focus to any retail environment but it also provides shoppers with a unique way to experience your product that is different from your traditional merchandise shelving.

SEG Systems designs Glorifiers that create interest, showcase product features, and serve as an all-in-one marketing tool for your brand.


Glorifier Display showcasing tennis balls, turf, racquet and acrylic in a dynamic way

Why SEG Glorifiers? SEG customizes your display giving you a distinctive look that speaks to your brand identity and individuality. Utilizing a light-guided panel with an acrylic face we are able to create impactful and durable displays to heighten your brand’s originality.

With SEG Glorifiers you are given unlimited design possibilities which can be utilized for various merchandise types. Whether it’s footwear or accessories, Glorifiers provide limitless possibilities of alternatives.          

Make Your Impact with dynamic acrylic lit displays and lightboxes         

Creating customizable Glorifiers for brands such as Under ArmorConverse, and Adidas, SEG Systems has been able to showcase their brands in the most authentic and original way. Using Glorifiers allows you to maximize and diversify your merchandise displays which will allow you to create a long-lasting impression with your customers.

Glorifiers used for basketball footwear company showcasing 3D basketballs, sneakers on a basketball court

Choose a display solution that creates brand awareness and allows you to have the ultimate visual appeal. Learn more about SEG Systems products, capabilities, and services that you could utilize for your next project or event!

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