The NBA All-Star game was hosted in Charlotte, NC, and SEG Systems got to be a part of the fun thanks to a collaboration with eBay and HighSnobietyAll-Star Weekend was the perfect stage to create a thoughtfully designed brand experience, pushing the rich history of sneaker lifestyle into the forefront. Check out the photos and video of the experience as you read and see how it all came together.


Off Brand relied on SEG Systems for a custom stage that highlighted exclusive shoes at the VIP event.

The dream? “A modular central staging enclosure, highlighting the auctioneer’s collections, paired with a photogenic, multi-layered mixture of plexiglass, colored mirror, and light.” The reality? An SEG Systems centerpiece that was the focal point of the event. The resulting stage would be made up of a millwork and acrylic floor surrounded by SEG lightbox displays and used to interview designers and collectors from around the world. High Snobiety celebration hosted by the McColl Center for Art and Innovation.

With the event right around the corner, SEG Systems sent an installation crew to McColl Center the night before the event to setup the stage. The first step was to bring in the millwork base topped with a basketball themed acrylic floor for added stage height.

The next step was to install the SEG frames that worked as the display’s walls and ceiling. With support bars in place to mount the floating shelves, it was time for graphics – or in this case, just white fabric! Why white? With plain fabric, you can truly see how evenly lit SEG lightboxes are. Wait ‘til you see how that light made the products pop. Once the floating shelves were installed, one-of-a-kind shoes filled the wall and were protected with a transparent acrylic cover that was etched with each collector and designer’s name in front of their personal collections.

With the décor complete and DJ Ria dropping beats, the doors were ready to be opened. A digital silent auction was hosted by eBay that night and included collections from Jordy Geller(founder of the world’s first sneaker museum – the ShoeZeum), Aleali May (shoe designer and stylist blogger), and Jacques Slade (YouTube personality). SEG Systems was pumped.

Don’t get caught up in all the hype – this custom collaboration was made up of a few lightboxes, some millwork, and acrylic. Custom doesn’t necessarily have to be crazy. Got an event coming up? Let SEG Systems create the centerpiece for your experience.d to be chosen to as the one-stop-shop manufacturer to design, engineer, and build the centerpiece at such a star-studded event.