Trade Show Time: Pack in the Customer Experience

Palmer Hamilton is a furniture manufacturer that provides turn-key design, layout, and installation to the K-12, higher education, commercial and hospitality industries, and fab labs. Like SEG Systems, the folks at Palmer Hamilton are aware that nowadays, purchases are based on the customer experience and trade show experience.

When you think of places people don’t typically want to be, consider the surroundings that usually come with those places:


Hollow halls and white walls


Miles of uncomfortable (and unsightly) tables and chairs


Bleak and outdated shelves with nowhere to truly relax

Hospitals, cafeterias, and libraries are just the start of the list when it comes to places that lack a customer experience. What does it take, though? Palmer Hamilton and SEG Systems believe that the customer experience makes you want to be there (and want to keep coming back). Upgrading these spaces could be as simple as installing a vinyl wall wrap or SEG fabric frames.

Palmer Hamilton has created some phenomenal environments using their printing capabilities and products, but they can’t just take that with them to a trade show to promote their brand… or can they? With fabric frames in mind, Palmer Hamilton’s interior designer, Sarah Baergen, was able to emulate those environments by “using freestanding frames as a vehicle to display the Palmer Hamilton brand to the world.”

With pops of color coordinating with their furniture and freestanding lightboxes, the fabric frame walls helped create an enclosed space that highlighted products and presented a pop-up trade show experience for trade show visitors.

Imitating a classroom setting, Palmer Hamilton used a freestanding lightbox arch with graphics that read “Empowering educators and engaging students,” which brings us back to our original point: if people aren’t enjoying the space you put them in, what makes you think they’ll be engaged and loyal to your brand?

After rolling up the graphics and quickly disassembling the aluminum frames, Baergen said “[The company’s] trade show booths blew away all the other booths at the show, hands-down. Not only did our booths impress those who work so hard to produce the superior products that we fabricate, and give them a vision for their continued involvement, but also the booths stole away the breath of competitors, potential customers, dealers, and other trade show staff.”

So do you believe us yet about creating an SEG environment for your brand? Ready or not, now’s the time to do just that. Whether you’re decking out a trade show, revamping a retail store, or yearning for new décor around the office, SEG Systems has your back when it comes to being on time, on brand, and on budget.

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