Burn Boot Camp Retail Franchise Design

Burn Boot Camp and SEG Systems Franchise Partnership

Burn Boot Camp’s mantra is Inspire.Empower.Transform. That is exactly what they have done. They came from simple roots, a husband-and-wife team with an idea to challenge women and men to make a positive change for themselves. It started in a parking lot and has grown to more than 350 locations, 400 franchises awarded, nationwide.

When Burn Boot Camp came to us in their infancies, they were looking to find a partner that could help build a turn-key franchise program and product catalog offering that would give their franchise partners the most flexibility. SEG Systems loves a challenge, you know the saying what doesn’t challenge you, won’t make you stronger (another big Burn Boot Camps motto by the way).

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SEG Systems’ Vinyl Decals 

Burn Boot Camp Retail Product Offerings

We dug in with them and produced retail product offerings and office décor that would fit a standard size, medium, and large franchise footprint. We also worked with them on developing three different price ranges from standard, better and best product line offerings to offer flexibility and affordability for a new franchise owner while also offering a more robust and dynamic product offering for those that wanted to elevate their footprint further.

The retail product catalog for Burn Boot Camp that SEG Systems builds and fulfills for them includes custom SEG products and millwork that could outfit an entire retail franchise location. Some of the products that we make for them include small, medium, and large retail wall merchandisers, front firing lit signage, SEG fabric lightboxes, 3D lettering to amplify their mottos, kiosks, pedestals with graphics and shelves, clothing racks, nesting tables, straight and L-shaped reception desks and trainer desks, storage cabinets, vinyl decals for walls and windows and of course our favorite, SEG fabric walls and fabric lightboxes that not only help form the very structure of the fitness facility but helps turn their mantras into living and breathing reminders of the positivity that a member should expect when they enter their hallow grounds.

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What we have loved about working with Burn Boot Camp, which incidentally their headquarters is right around the corner from us is that we have been able to grow right along with them. It is why we do what we do. We love our partners and think of them as family. If you have an idea but you’re not sure how to put it all together, then we would love an opportunity to speak with you. It all starts with a conversation. We would love to partner with you and support your growth along the way.

Contact our sales team to get started on your next project, and Check out some other programs and customers that we have the privilege of working and growing with every day.

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