Top 5 Things to Take Away from GlobalShop 2018: The SEG Fabric Frame Experience


For the past 4 years SEG Systems has attended the GlobalShop Trade Show and Conference, the nation’s largest retail design industry trade show.  This year we received the Booth Design Award from the IIDA, International Interior Design Association, with our SEG Fabric Frame Experience Booth.  To celebrate this amazing distinction, we decided we would showcase what we thought made our booth stand out from the rest.  Check out the top 5 things that made SEG Systems an award-winning booth.

1.  SEG Animate

Bring your fabric prints to life by combining LED technology and motion graphics to create a truly unique and engaging display with the new SEG Animate technology.  From simply making colors pop, to displaying all aspects of a product in an ever-changing motion, the SEG Animate is a perfect backlit frame for grabbing a customer’s attention.  This revolutionary technology is designed for simplicity.  All animations run from a USB drive plugged directly into the display.  If you’re ever interested in changing you’re display, just switch out the graphic and plug in your next USB. It couldn’t be easier to update your environment. 


2.  SEG Pixel

Another animated option is the SEG Pixel.  At GlobalShop 2018 we showcased our UnderArmor SEG Pixel, measuring 15 feet wide.  The SEG Pixel displays can be designed and built in any size and shape. The SEG Pixel is perfect for displaying your brand in an interesting and engaging way.  See a great example of a SEG Pixel by checking out our Instagram post below! 

3.  SEG Graphic Reverse Load Lightbox

One of our latest custom extrusions, the SEG Graphic Reverse Load Frame allows you to place a fabric framing system against a window or in a tight space where you normally would not be able to easily replace the graphic.  This unique capability makes this versatile display perfect for an endless list of situations.  For a more in-depth look at this awesome product check out our previous blog showing off it’s capabilities!


4.  Branded Overflow Storage System

In an environment where storage is essential and sometimes unsightly, our Branded Overflow Storage System allows you to discretely conceal your storage bay with a decorative/branded graphic.  The possibilities are endless for this innovation, allowing businesses to take back space they once thought was lost forever with a custom piece of art displaying their brand in a way only SEG Systems can.  Need a solution? Contact SEG Systems so we can create a custom solution for you.  For a more in-depth look at this awesome product check out our previous blog showing off it’s capabilities!


5.  Custom Shaped SEG Frames

Most manufactures are limited to finite, simple shapes, like a square or rectangle.  Not at SEG Systems.  Here we thrive in situations where others may find too difficult to attempt.  Whether it is a large run of our fabric frames, an order of custom lightboxes or an unique SEG Pixel, making custom shapes are our forte.  Our GlobalShop 2018 booth showcased our custom UnderArmor SEG Pixel display.  

More Than a Frame

SEG Systems is not your typical frame manufacturer.  We are proud to have 3 distinct divisions; SEG: Frames, SEG: Services and SEG: Architectural.  SEG Systems is an ever-evolving company revolutionizing the retail, corporate decor, trade show and architectural space with our unique approach.  Everything displayed at our GlobalShop 2018 booth was designed and manufactured in-house in just over 2 months.


Innovations From Last Year’s GlobalShop

SEG Transparent Display

Last year at GlobalShop 2017, we built the world’s largest fabric shoe box with our integrated transparent display, the Cadillac of product glorifies.  With the ability to showcase anything from shoes to electronics, the SEG transparent display is on the cutting edge of retail display systems and is sure to be seen in a store near you soon.  Check out our Instagram post form last year’s event and see the display in action!

Our GlobalShop 2017 booth was full of innovative ideas.  SEG’s unique ability to construct everything on site sets us apart from our competition.  Our ability to work directly with the customers and partners to design, engineer and build a display specific for their needs can make a difference when deciding what is feasible for a project.  Discover more by watching our video from GlobalShop 2017, showcasing game-changing displays and lighting options malleable for countless situations.

You Dream it.

We Design, Engineer and Build it.

– SEG Systems –


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