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SEG Systems is a United States based company located in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.  We take pride in being an American made custom frame and display manufacturer who employ multiple different races and ethnicities.  Since the debut of the famous 1908 play ‘The Melting Pot’, America has been known as a place where people from different cultures, with different beliefs, converge to create an amazingly unique environment where everyone is welcome.  Here at SEG Systems, we are no exception.

The term “Made in USA” speaks directly of the quality, craftsmanship and superiority of a product and SEG Systems is proud to be a part of this category.  Our ability to manufacture each display in house has allowed us to become a fast reacting company, facilitating quick turnarounds and reliable feedback for our customers, unlike other companies who send jobs overseas.  Being able to oversee each project as it is built ensures the standards we set for our products never wain or dip below our exceptional standards.  This oversight and hands-on approach makes effective communication available throughout SEG Systems at a moment’s notice.  Having all departments under one roof and working together to achieve a common goal is essential to accomplish tasks to the standards we set for ourselves.  Accessibility makes a significant difference when a deadline is approaching or when a last-minute change is needed.


The video and picture above show SEG Systems’ massive, low-profile fabric silicone graphic framing system.  Perfect for massive murals, brand activations and wall-decor.

SEG makes it a point to hire locally.  According to the Alan Uke’s book ‘Buying America Back’, “Just one manufacturing job supports five other U.S. jobs.”  We see this fact as an incentive to strive for growth, not only for the benefit of SEG Systems, but for the benefit of our community as well.

Our focus on manufacturing fabric display systems in the United States has not limited our reach.  We work with multiple international brands like AdidasHallmark and Mazda.  Our innovative techniques, ideas and abilities make us a company applicable for nearly any situation. 

The environment at SEG Systems is laid back and welcoming.  It is easy to find your place and feel comfortable around the amazing people we have on staff. 

Safety is a number one priority in our shop.  We follow United States regulations NFPA and Cal Fire, as well as global UL safety codes and are always making sure everything is up to code.  Manufacturing in America comes with a set of guidelines and rules to ensure our worker’s safety, but we enact our own rules as well as a fail-safe to combat dangerous situations unique to our warehouse.  Below are the signs hanging in our warehouse, reminding our staff to always be efficient and aware when on the job to make sure they are using safe practices while working.

Like most other people in the USA, we will be out of the office on July 4th and 5th to celebrate our nation’s independence.  We hope your holiday is filled with all of the fireworks and freedom possible!  Thanks for reading and Happy Independence Day!!


SEG Systems

– You Dream it, We Design, Engineer & Build it –


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