SEG Systems Birthday, Oh How We Have Grown!

Today marks our 4th birthday here at SEG Systems!  Four years ago, three founders with over 25 years of experience started SEG Systems  who hit the ground running and kept running.  The company began in a 10,000 square foot location and have since moved twice, ending up in our current 50,000 square foot location.  We never thought we would be able to fill a space this big, but we quickly did due to the growing manufacturing capabilities we now have in house.

 We began our journey….

Offering a small handful of frame profiles and lighting options, and built our business through relationships with valued clients. Our honest expert advice and transparency with our customers has  established trust that we always provide the product solution that best suits their needs.

 What drove our growth?

Our customers and partners  drive us towards success and Our customers and partners drive us towards success by continuously asking more from us and encouraging us to push the limits of what is achievable.  From manufacturing lightbox rollouts, to producing batches of custom frames and displays, we love a challenge and rarely say no, even when we probably should.  The culture established  at SEG attracts and develops hard-working, fun-loving people who form an incredible team that tackles  amazing and challenging projects. 


What’s in the shop?

Our 40,000 square feet shop floor space is primarily filled with a l semi-automated frame and lightbox display assembly line, fueled by our stocked; 47 frame extrusions, 10 different light sources and 5 different types of UL listed power supplies. Allowing us to rapidly build the most optimized lightbox for our customers needs.

More than a lightbox manufacturer

There is an entire section dedicated to custom millwork, inhabited by our 4-Axis C.R.Onsrud CNC router, laminating area and paint booth.  We use this space to create custom fixtures and displays that integrate our lightboxes and LED products.  Next to this sits our metal fabrication area, which includes a CNC plasma table, welding and extrusion bending station, perfect for making custom shaped SEG frames, structures, and custom displays. We also have a team of tailors that cut and sew fabrics to fit these unique fixtures.

While the shop is amazing, the lab is where the magic happens.  In the lab, we develop new products and solutions that take our SEG fabric frames to new places. For example, our team developed  an overhead storage SEG hinged frame solution that can be retro fitted to existing retail fixtures, ideal for hiding over stocked goods. Read more from our blog post. We take the most pride in our lighting technology by developing our own LEDs to evenly illuminate our lightboxes, taking them to an unmatched level of eye catching brilliance and practicality. Our latest innovation is the newly launched SEG Animate, which transforms fabric graphics into moving graphic.  Be sure to see and blog post soon and subscribe to our emails here.

SEG achievements

SEG’s growth over the years is illustrated in the evolution of GlobalShop tradeshow booths.  GlobalShop is the largest retail design industry trade show in the nation; Each year, we debut our new technology at GlobalShop, culminating in 2018’s SEG Fabric Frame Experience Booth. We were honored to receive this year’s Booth Design Award by the International Interior Design Association which earned us a featured spot in Design:Retail magazine.  Check out our previous blog showcasing some of our favorite aspects of this year’s booth and get a video tour, click here.


Everything starts with a conversation.

Although our business is rooted in frames and lightbox manufacturing, we often create projects that are not fabric frame related. From manufacturing a small rollout of bicycles with sails mounted to them, to building a huge portable basketball ball pit fabricated completely out of metal, wrapped in padding and designed to be broken down to travel to different events around the USA, SEG Systems has no boundaries for our capabilities.

We constantly improve in all aspects of our business and are truly thankful for the culture and amazing team we have built in such a short amount of time, as well as the exceptional opportunities  to work with great customers and partners who bring incredible projects to the table. 


Growth spurt around the corner.

We are gearing up for our next explosion in growth, keep in touch and follow our craziness on Instagram and Facebook. Sign up for our newsletter by visiting our home page to make sure you don’t miss our next game changing innovation.

Have you seen our little black book of fabric frames?


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