Custom Shaped Frames: Think Outside the Box

Don’t let a square limit your creativity.  Be outstanding; move away from the norm with a custom shaped frame or lightbox.



Why SEG Systems?




SEG Systems has one of the largest selections of extrusion frame profiles available, giving our engineers and skilled craftsmen a collection of options to create the best custom shape solution for our customers.  All whilst taking into consideration function, strength, cost, shipping and fabric behaviors.



Time is Money

We have our extrusions welded, fitted, bent and laser cut into unique forms, then finished with custom printed graphics that are cut, sewn and fitted under one roof in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This dramatically increases quality and decreases turnaround.

Typically, a custom shaped frame is strenuous and costly to make. Having to manipulate frames into unique shapes using multiple manufacturing methods takes skill and time and that is only half the battle. The finishing touch is fitting the printed fabric graphic to the custom shaped SEG frame.

Custom Size Backlit Graphics

We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry when it comes to lighting. Using our collection of propriety lighting products, we light up the most complex shapes, giving us plenty of time to quality test each frame before shipping out to our customers.  Next time you look at a custom shaped lightbox, pay close attention to the lighting of each graphic.   Is the graphic evenly lit?  Are there dark shadows and hots spots?  These are all questions we take into consideration when we run our quality assurance checks before we ship any product to the customer.




Endless Possibilities

Don’t think square, think creative. A custom shaped frame for trade show structures makes a brand stand out at a trade show event or in an office space. Transform boring walls with an SEG fabric stretch frame wall treatment cut to size, specific for you needs. Make an impression with large backlit letters and logos, creating a perfect opportunity to take photos or selfies for social media.




In-House Manufacturing

Having all parts of the production process in one location makes it easy for SEG associates to communicate between departments and provide our clients with the most up-to-date information.  It allows for a quicker turnaround than companies that outsource many of their tasks to other companies.  This level of accessibility and control ensures we produce a product to meet both SEG Systems’ and our customer’s high standards.  By taking silicone edge graphic technology further and manufacturing each frame to work for your specific needs.







Fabric lighting fixture

A popular practice among customers is using an SEG canvas frame as a lighting fixture.  A white silicone graphic is ideal for diffusing light where a softer light is desirable.  We recently teamed up with Barnes & Noble to help them with their in-store lighting needs.  As seen in the pictures below, we manufactured circular canvas frames to fit over their existing light fixtures to create a light that was not harsh on a customer’s eyes.  Perfect for reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee.




Unique Shapes

At SEG Systems we always think outside of the box.  Whether it is for a trade show booth or a suspended display, we take pride in manufacturing the best products possible. Below are multiple examples where we took SEG framing technology further by shaping a custom frame for our customer’s needs. Below are two great examples of our awesome custom work.  We made the trade show booth seen below for Dreamline.  Our ability to manipulate an SEG frame enabled us to bring more life into this booth.  The uniqueness of this booth is what makes it stand out and is an attribute we were very proud of.